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Made In Singapore Chocolates, Delighfully Asian

Two or three decades ago, mention Cadbury or Van Houten and you would have put an enchanting and anticipatory smile on child's face. Chocolates, long hailed as the “food of Gods” is held in fascination no matter the generation. With more players in town and chocolates now abound not only on supermarket shelves and affordable to all; Chocolates have become a “must-have”.

Chocolate deserves its notoriety because behind the rich, enticing taste, the smooth, tantalizing texture and the ultimate variety of ways to savour it, lies a wealth of history one compounded by visions of its aphrodisiac properties. As Singaporeans become more affluent and tastes became more refined, the search for fine chocolates has resulted in several home grown chocolatier, which caters to the Asian tastebuds without compromising the quality that fine chocolates are famous for.

For Valentines, these born and bred in Singapore chocolatiers have put together a dazzling and sophisticated collection to tempt your tastebuds, leave you drooling but nevertheless, singing in your heart as you share these treasures with your loved ones.

The pioneer of “artistic chocolates”, the parent company of ChocolateArt, Switzco, has been around for more than eight years. ChocolateArt can be found in four outlets scattered all around Singapore. Its specialty? Customization! Made of quality chocolates imported from Belgium, this company believes in blending art with gastronomy.

Fancy seeing your beloved's name spelt out in chocolates and having fun eating it hence? Now you can. Chocolate Art specializes in customizing letters, names and messages as well as photo transfer, all using fine chocolates. Or choose from an array of twenty delightful assortments with the likes of crispy “Rocher” and “Dark Truffle” coming out tops and seal them off in a special sequined heart-shaped Valentine box ($29.90 -$49.90). If you are someone looking for chocolates with an Asian twist, look no further with the likes of “Chilli Padi Praline”, “Green Tea Truffle” or “Lemon Grass Praline”. Alternatively, go for their various chocolate sets with the biggest set made of 48 pieces ($76.80) and send your own unique message of love – with what else but the “aphrodisiac” of love!

Owned by Frenchman Laurent Bernard, this tiny chocolate factory does make its chocolate there and then. It is indeed a treat to watch how your chocolate comes about as the staff diligently works on these tiny pieces of heaven. Made from quality Italian Amedei cocoa, the chocolates at The Chocolate Factory are assured of its freshness and are without preservatives as they are made daily and have a shelf life of no more than seven days.

For Valentine, try their heart shaped chocolates with an assortment of fillings ($32) or if you are feeling rather cheeky, opt for a boxful of their seductive ganache, aptly named “Kiss” (18 pieces for $55). For an intriguing, truly Asian taste of chocolates, try “Sesamum” – a crunchy praline oozing with a strong sesame aftertaste. For the adventurous give “Singabera”, a dark chocolate ganache with ginger a try or opt for crunchy and lemony “Miss Izy”, which is truly scrumptious. A word of caution though, buying at this chocolatier is on the hazardous side as the staff attitude is colder than their walk-in 16 o C chocolate room.

Red or Champagne coloured roses anyone? At Sins, these roses are not only beautiful, they are edible! Treat your loved ones to a dazzling array of exquisite handmade pralines this Valentine. Whether you choose the 9 piece jewel box ($28), adorned with Valentine roses or the alluring 12 piece box, adorned with a jewel charm ($42.80) or the much bigger Thai silk box ($109.60 - $171.20), you simply can't go wrong with Sins exquisite Valentine's selection.

Made locally but from imported Swiss chocolates, the provocatively named chocolatier boast an interesting array of fine chocolates and truffles. Choose from a selection of Asian delights with the likes of “Rising Sun” infused with green tea or “King Kong”, a delightful blend of fresh durian milk chocolate. If you are looking for more traffic stopping chocolates, try “High Alert” or “Bombshell” and enhance your enjoyment of “Black Beauty” by simply closing your eyes and savouring the simply marvelous melt-in-your- mouth smooth hazelnut paste. Notably, do your homework or take your chances when at Sins as the staff are not very well-informed on their variety of chocolates.

Kareena Ally
21 Mar 2007

Kareena Ally. A former school teacher and a holder of Master of Social Sciences degree, Kareena is currently pursuing her writing career while at the same time, juggling motherhood to two boisterous boys. Kareena has a keen sense of humour, enjoys traveling, reading and meeting people and is a fan of online shopping. She has a knack for finding good buys and an eagle vision when it comes to value for money deals and this stood her in good stead when it comes to shopping or finding eateries.

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