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Design Your Closet Organizer For Maximum Efficiency

There are many types of closets. There are the closets in your bedrooms, in which you store your clothing. There are linen closets, in which you store your extra sheets and blankets. And there's your kitchen closet - more commonly called a pantry.

The linen closet usually consists of wall-to-wall shelving, on which you place your folded liens. Not much organizing needed there.

What about your pantry?

It saves money to buy non-perishable items in bulk, but if you buy items in bulk you need to store them properly so that you can always see what you have available to you. How many times have you bought a stock of items, only to come home, dig around in your pantry, and find that you already had enough of that item?

That's where proper organization comes in.

Many businesses offer organization systems. There are several that you can visit on the internet to see what kinds of things are available to you.

These sites offer various essential items which will help you to save space, and be able to have a place for everything, so that you may put everything in its place.

There are various types of door racks that you can either install on the door itself, or use over the door hooks to hold them. Spices, bottles of all kinds, cereal bottles, anything you like can be placed in these racks.

Depending on how deep your pantry shelves are, you'll want to get stacking shelves, so that you can place cans of various kinds on them, elevating them for easy viewing. This will save a lot of time if you're searching for your favorite type of soup. You can also get undershelf storage baskets for yet more room.

And now we come to your bedroom closet.

It is essential to have an organized closet. You may skip brushing your teeth in the morning (although I wouldn't advise it) but you always need to go into your closet to find clothes to wear for the day. And you don't want to waste time digging around on the floor for clean clothes, because for one thing no matter how clean they are they'll be wrinkled. And you don't want to bury your shoes underneath those clothing, for then you'll spend forever trying to find a matching pair.

To get a good start in the morning, you'll want to be able to spend just a few seconds in your closet, and in order to do so, a closet organization system - the kind that you can buy at a store or over the internet, is essential.

An over-the-door shoe rack will allow you to store up to 15 pairs of shoes behind the door of your closet (depending on the kind of door you have, of course.) If you think your closet floor looks neater if there's nothing on it, this is the type of system for you. If not, you can purchase tilted shelves on which to place your shoes.

Do you need a place for your ties (if you're a guy) or belts and scarves (if you're a gal)? There are various systems you can purchase that will keep these sorted and pristine, so that you don't have to cram them into a drawer. And if you have a lot of ties you can actually buy a motorized tie and belt rack!

Depending on how wide your closet is, you can even purchase a closet carousel. It'll affix to the closet ceiling, and it's electrically operated. With the touch of a button you can stand and watch your clothing whirl around until you find something you'd like to wear.

The best thing to do is assess your closet needs, and then visit a few sites on the web to see the various designs that can be achieved. Then, get yourself the appropriate organizing system for your needs.

Andrew Caxton
27 Feb 2007

Andrew Caxton is the author and editor of more interior design resources published at You can find more information and resources on closet organizers at his website.

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