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National Day Celebrations - Plan A Picnic!

Fireworks, parades, holidays...there's nothing like getting into the festive mood every August with the National Day celebrations. If you're feeling energetic, bundle the brood into the car, pack a picnic basket, and go watch the fireworks at sunset.

East Coast Park
This is always a popular spot, fireworks or not, for picnicking. There are some spots along this long stretch of the beachside park that may give you a little peek of the fireworks: out at the jetty just beyond the newly refurbished East Coast Food Centre (Carpark E2 and F1), by the beach nearer Fort Road (Carpark B1), or by the beach near Singapore Tennis Centre (Carpark C4 and D1).

Even if the trees block your view, it's a breezy location for a perfect outing. What's great is there is plenty to do as you wait for the fireworks. Book a barbecue spot or pitch a tent! What is not so great? The congested roads leading into the park during holidays and weekends. Get there early.

Tanjong Rhu
Head out to Tanjong Rhu, by the river across the Indoor Stadium, and you'll find a nice parkland to spread a picnic mat. This is a great place to watch the fireworks relatively nearby or even the fly-past. You'll have to get there early though - about 6pm and be ready to park further away and walk in, as the crowd starts to grow around that time.

What's great is a picturesque setting, with lots of grassy spots for the kids to run about and play ball. If you're lucky, you might get a spot by a tree.

What's not so great? The long walk in and the limited carparl lots. There are no toilet facilities nearby, so limit your liquid intake before you go.

Marina South City Park
On ordinary days, this lovely sprawling park is a quiet, almost forgotten place. With its bridges, bougainvillea arbors, willow trees and statues of historic Chinese heroes, it is a perfect picnic spot anytime of the year. And because it stretches all the way to the mouth of the Singapore River, night-time offers a beautiful view of the skyline and view of the Esplanade.

What's great, there are some toilet facilities, lots of parking areas, and plenty of room to run about. There are some picnic benches by the sea, too, for the early birds, as well as eateries just around the corner for dinner later.

What's not so great? Your view of the fireworks may be a little obstructed, but that shouldn't stop you from having an enjoyable family picnic anyway!

Young Families Magazine
PAP Community Foundation
07 Jan 2007

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I am Born on Valentine's Day

Valentines Day is not just about roses and chocolates, but a lifelong commitment to one that you love and cherish as according to the holy matrimonial vows. I have stayed loyal to my wife for 32 years through good and bad times. In the sanctity of marriage, it says to love one another in sickness and in health and till death us do part. The reality is that I can stick it out through thick and thin like I did with my wife. That is what Valentine’ Day is-the Reality of Love. My book, “ Loving a Schizophrenic” strongly promotes the bond of marriage.

Btw, I am born on Valentine's Day.

Raymond Anthony Fernando
14 Feb 2007

I have written several books and the element of love is very powerful in my writings/books, especially ion my novel, " Loving a Schizophrenic".

Everyday is Valentine's Day

Every day is Valentine's Day! Because it is love that makes the world go round not money! You are here today because of love and think for a moment, take away love and you will find the world an empty shell lacking meaning and passion!

What love means to you? Love means different things to different people but there are a lot of things about love that people can agree.

I've written a love poem over 20 years ago and I will like to share with everyone on this Valentine's Day, please feel free to share it with your loved ones and friends. I have composed it into a song, anyone out there who is a musician and want to partner with me to promote this song? It could hit the charts and inspire
millions of people!


Love is happiness in being together
Love is wanting to share
Love is accepting each other
Love is thinking of you no matter where

Loving is giving and receiving
Loving is trusting and believing
Loving is forgiving and rewarding
Loving is feeling and caring

Love countless ways like millions of pebbles on the shore
Love is beautiful like stars in the skies
Love is all these to me and more
Love you can see in my eyes

Hope you enjoy this poem and share it with your loved ones and take time to express your love and say those three important words: "I love you"

Bruce Seah
14 Feb 2007

Bruce Seah is the Chief Executive Officer of Bruce Seah Enterprise.