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How to become a people magnet?

There is a common saying: ‘Opposite attracts”.
Four years ago, before I got married, I and my then girlfriend (now wife) went for marriage counseling. During the counseling session, we did a temperament test and found that our temperaments were totally opposite. She is an introvert, and for me I am an extrovert. Detail is something that my wife is very concerned, as for me I look at the big picture instead. She is very methodological, as for me I am not very bothered about orders or sequences. Even though, we were opposite in temperament, we seems to be greatly attracted to each other. Finally, we told ourselves, yes that statement ‘Opposite attracts’ is true.

Is it really true? If we do not see any commonalities between us will we be attracted to each other? After some soul searching, we found that there were some commonalities that brought us together; one of them is the value of faithfulness. Another area of commonality is the religious beliefs that we have, as both of us are Christians.

Here comes the crux of the issue, how do you attract people to you? This is especially important to people who are in the areas of sales. Whenever you bring the subject of selling things to others, many people will start to shy away or even avoid you?

How to attract people to you?

1 Art of chit chatting (What kind of skills is that?)

Whenever we meet people whom we have not met, we tend to ask the other party questions to know more about the other. This is a skill that must be perfected and is called the art of chit chat. Er…. What kind of skill is that? Frank, you mean you are saying that we don’t know how to chit chat? Sad truth is that majority people can chit chat, however the other party get bored after talking a while.

The objective of chit chat is to draw commonalities. Commonalities could be place of stay, kind of work, know a particular person and so on. By being able to draw commonality, the other party feels comfortable

2 Perceived as a knowledgeable person

People are attracted by people who have knowledge. Knowledge can be acquired through many forms, such as through mentorship by somebody, reading books, watching videos, attending seminars, and so on. One of my favorites, is to read books. By reading books, we can find out success secrets and pitfalls that some s authors have gone through. ‘Learn history, so that you will not history.’

Generally, people are attracted to those that are knowledgeable esp in fields that they are keen in. By reading widely, it gives you opportunity to talk to people in different walks of life.

3. Perceived as a Connector

People are drawn to you if they perceive that you have a strong network of people. Network is very important especially in doing business. We always say that people need good connections. Through my own experience, I have found that if you know the right person, you can get things done much faster.

Many people recognize that they need network, however they do not spend time to follow up with the people they have met. One, very good practice is to make a remark on the given name card, so that you can remember the other person better. After meeting that person, attempt to contact the person either through e-mail or sms within 24 hours, so that you can cause the other person to remember you better.

4. Mimic the other person’s speech and behavior

People are attracted to those that are like them. Some of us who are parents, usually dote on the child that looks or behaves like them. They may be angry at times at how the child behaves and scolds them for it; then tell others how the child was like them when they were that age.

People who are retrenched will tend to attract those who are retrenched. Those who are poor will also attract people who are poor.

Though there are in the market programs that teaches some techniques how you can attract people, the simplest way is to mimic the other party. If the other party is very fast in his or her speech, you just follow it. If he is very slow in his speech, then just be slow in your speech. Use the same jargons the other person uses.

If you follow the above steps, you will find that people will naturally attract to you.

Frank Ngoh
Principal Consultant
Entrepreneurship Oasis LLP
07 Nov 2006

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Mickey Mouse with Passion

I know the title of my subject line seems corny but there is relevance in what I wanted to share with you about Mickey Mouse and my daughter...and how that relates to us making mo.ney. Please read on.

My daughter, at the age of almost 3 years, has been watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon series on the Disney channel. She absolutely loves the Mickey Mouse character and
some of the other characters like Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, as do most of us from early childhood memories.

What I enjoy most from OBSERVING my daughter is that she loves to "pretend" that she is one of the characters while she is watching TV. There was a scene where Mickey and the gang were searching for Minnie Mouse from a rooftop telescope.

So what did my daughter do?

She runs over to her play tower in the TV room and looks through the telescope on her play tower to also "find Minnie". It's the cutest thing watching a young mind develop such "imaginative" abilities.

2 weeks ago I took her to Disneyland for the first time and when she got there, she immediately started searching for the Disney characters. One of our first stops was at the hat shop where she noticed the "Mickey EARS" for sale. So I bought her a pair of Mickey ears embroidered with her name on it.

Since that day 2 weeks ago, she has been wearing her Mickey ears all day up until bedtime. Then I take her "ears" off before she goes to sleep, place the ears on the headboard of her bed, so that she can put them back on when she awakes.

So WHY do I tell you this story?

Because as you can see, when my daughter likes to do something, she does it PASSIONATELY. She puts her full energy into "imagining" and "pretending" how she IS the
Mickey Mouse character.

This passion is what I have noticed in many children I come across. Just observe any young child for a while and you will notice how their "mental juices" flow easily and naturally in the things they do and say. It seems less likely will you find this in an adult these days. It's like a lost trait.

So let these young children guide you into "RE-discovering" your own creativity and imagination so that you can also do things PASSIONATELY!

If making money is your interest, then do it passionately. Imagine all the different ways you can make money, how to expand the ideas beyond what you read about, how to exponentialize your potential with programs created by other people, etc.

Recently, when I announced the Affiliate Secret Formula product, I was excited about all of the information I learned from the author. I saw huge potential in and how I was going to use the formula to amass some big earnings with it.

And now after a few weeks of using it, I discovered yet another product that I am going to use ALONGSIDE with the Affiliate Secret Formula to extend my profits even more.

Right now, I'm allowing myself to "think" freely and openly about things. I just relax and let go so that my thoughts and passions come to me.

I just ALLOW my thoughts to come. My wish for you is that you do everything in life with PASSION, starting today. Let the young "CHILD" within you come back to life and know that you have a trait that has been wanting to be used for a long time now.

Until next time,

Huey Lee
Quick Reach Marketing, Inc.
2053 Grant Road, #140
Los Altos, CA 94024, USA

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