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What you think about, you bring about. The Law of Attraction.

I've been silently preaching the "Law of Attraction" for years now, which in its most basic explanation is "like energy attracts like energy".

Just this morning, I EXPERIENCED yet another amazing "slap me in the face" proof of this amazing universal law that hit me right between the eyes!


"What You Think About, You Bring About"

That's right! Whatever you are thinking about right now, whether it's about making lots of mo.ney, or  about NOT making any mo.ney, YOU will get exactly what you are thinking about.

On Sunday(yesterday), I was thinking about a friend of mine whom I have not spoken with in 2-3 months. Then I thought about how on Monday(today), I would email him and ask him to lunch.

Then this morning at 8:30a.m. PST, I thought again about emailing him when I get home after dropping my daughter off at school.

When I returned home, I opened up my email, and to my SURPISE, there was an email from this very same friend right at the front of all of my emails.

Guess what the SUBJECT line said???

"Huey. whatcha doin for lunch?"

I kid you not, there was an email from him asking me to have lunch TODAY. Once again, the universal law of attraction proves itself in its plain but powerful form.

Have you heard the saying "I think therefore I am" written by French philosopher Rene Descartes in the 17th century?

It's a powerful statement... a universal truth. Here's how it applies to everything in your life.

I think _________, therefore I am __________.

I think I am rich, therefore I am rich.

I think I am successful, therefore I am successful.

I think I am poor, therefore I am poor.

Get the message? This lesson is for you. Whatever you think you are RIGHT NOW, is exactly what and who YOU ARE.

"Whatever you think about you bring about"

Make it a great day!


Huey Lee
Quick Reach Marketing, Inc.
2053 Grant Road, #140
Los Altos, CA 94024, USA
09 Nov 2006

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Be Very Specific About Your Goal

The first step to getting what you want is to know exactly what it is that you want. This sounds simple and obvious enough? Yet, sadly most people never seem to get what they want, simply because they are not clear about what it is they want in the first place!

Unless you have a specific target, you cannot develop an effective strategy to get there. The strategy required to make $200,000 is completely different from the strategy needed to make $20 million. The moment you clarify your goals, see them in your mind-eye (it's called creative visualization) you will start to have focus in your life. It will then become crystal clear to you what it is you must do to get there.

Biographies of the most successful and legendary people, again in all pursuits, show time and again that their outstanding achievements are rarely outcomes of chance. They did not have success thrust onto them. Their phenomenal successes are the results of clearly defined outcomes that they had predetermined, and worked towards unwaveringly, often at a very early stage of their life.

At the age of eight, Tiger Woods set his goal of breaking every record set in golf and to become the world's number one golfer. He accomplished this feat 13 years later at the age of 21. How? He spent those fourteen years focusing on his game in order to take it to the level he needed in order to be the best.

At the age of 12, Steven Spielberg knew that what he wanted to do was to tell stories to the world by making movies. It was this specific goal that directed him to spend his time making home videos at the age of 12 and exposing himself to movie sets at universal studios at the age of 18. It was these years of focused effort that allowed him to build the level of experience and skill he needed to make some of the best movies around.

Very few successful experiences happen by chance, whether it is winning a race or a position. Almost all happen by design. Yet, the sad fact is that most people do not have a plan for their lives, and end up falling into somebody else's plan. It's only when we know what we want very specifically that we are then able to focus all our talents and energy.

Like a laser beam honing in on its target. And in moving unwaveringly towards it, we develop the resources necessary to make it happen. Wherever you are in your life right now, you must begin to set specific goals on what you want to achieve in the different areas of your life.

Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program
'6 Ways To Achieve Anything' here.

Do You Have The Courage To Change?

Self development and improvement is all about change. If we were happy with the status quo, we wouldn't be seeking to improve ourselves, would we? Yet, change requires us to get out of our comfort zone. Change requires a certain amount of risk. Yes, even good changes that we greatly desire require courage. Do you have the courage you need to change in the ways you hope to change?

We human beings are creatures of habit. We get many habits, both things we do and things we think, while we are still children. The parents, teachers, and friends who influenced us while we were young have a lot to do with the person we are right now. If those people programmed us with attitudes of helplessness, fear, or inadequacy, then it is only natural that we want to change these feelings. Yet even casting off negative thoughts requires courage.

One way that change requires courage is that we must be brave enough to take a good look at ourselves. A good, honest look. In what ways do we really need to change? Do I fear failure to the point that I never make a move? Do I have a problem with blaming others or getting angry with them. Many times the areas we need to change are embarrassing to admit. What about admitting that you need to change your diet and exercise habits in order to look and feel good? It requires courage to look at ourselves honestly.

Once you've admitted the need to change, it requires courage to admit that we are ultimately the person to blame for the mess we're in. For instance, part of overcoming a weight problem is realizing that I am the person who holds the fork. Maybe I was taught to like fattening food, and maybe Grandma made me clean my plate, but the choice is now mine. Accepting responsibility for our choices is a necessary part of change, and it takes courage.

Now it's time to face the change, and that can be scary, too. You're used to living a certain way and making certain choices. You're accustomed to the way things are. When you begin to make the new choices, some things are going to feel different. Some differences might be pleasant, but some will be challenging. Do you have the courage to take the challenge?

The people in your life can be a problem, too, when you make the decision to change. For instance, if you've tried to quit smoking or lose weight repeatedly but without success, your family might tease and deride you for trying yet again. In fact, they might be so merciless that you're afraid to even let them know. Remember that they are just going on past experience. They don't know that you are really determined this time. Let their lack of faith motivate you to show them they are wrong!

Change requires risk, and risk requires courage. If the changes you want to make in your life and attitudes are worth it to you, you can find that courage you need. Don't let fear keep you in the treadmill of dead-end habits and attitudes.

Terence Young
31 Dec 2006

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