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Q. Is this website free for all users?
A. Yes, it is free to all users. There is no sign on fees whatsoever.

Q. Does it cost a user any money to post an article or a series of articles?
A. No, users get to post as many articles as possible and there are no extra costs. However we do decide on which directory to publish them. If there is a particular strategic location you want your article at, it may cost you and we are currently working that out.

Q. Can one user register as many different user as possible?
A. Yes, that is possible as well.

Q. I already have my own blog website and I am having great traffic to my site, why should I need Tons Of
A. That's great if you already have a great site on your own. However wouldn't it be great if you could have an even greater traffic to your site and who better to provide that platform to you than Tons Of We are an international site which means the chances of exposing you to the world is greater. We believe you won't complain to that, will you? This is a site where things really happens because we believe and make things happen.

Q. Why is it that you take such a long time to upload an article to the website?
A. The main reason is because we do have to do an intial vetting before publication. There are legalities involve and because we are posting articles, what is said in the article can have a lot of implications on the affected parties. As such it is vitally important that we choose the right option as to whether to post the article or not. we not only want to protect ourselves but we do want to protect your interest too.

Q. What happens to my article after you have decided to post it?
A. We will place them in various directories for visitors to view them. For example if one of your article is related to "Money Matters". We also have other sub-directories where we can place them to increase your explosure. For this particular example, we have "Wealth Matters or Financial Matters". Our objective is to get you into various strategic positions so that you will get to maximise the most amount of traffic to your articles and afterwhich to your site.

Q. What other strategies will Tons Of provide to expose me?
A. We are in the process of drafting out our E-Magazine directory. Once ready, E-Magazine will be targeted at a very specific target audience in a specific industry. This comes at a cost to our customers and we are still currently working that out. For sure this is going to be something very exciting.

Q. Are there any guidlines as to writing an article or mini stories?
A. There are no guidlines but the user has to bear fully responsibilities for posting an article or short/mini stories. please go to disclaimer to know more about your liabilities. If you are writing an article for the very first time and you do not know where to start. On the top we have a tab called "How to write articles?", click on it to learn more.

Q. Will you inform us when our article is not posted?
A. Definitely. We will inform you when we decide to post your articles as well as when we decide not to post them.

Q. What is your Affiliates Program?
A. Affiliates Program is an option or a business opportunity for our users to come together with us to market their products for a commission or a fee. It can come in the form of selling a product or service or advertisement banners or pay per click or all the above.

Q. We are a Corporation, how can this be an advantage to us?
A. First and foremost you must ask what is the Corporation's objective of positioning itself in this site. If it does not meet the objective than forget about it. However we have Corporations who wants to increase their brand image, coporate awareness, product range and/or strategic business development, we provide that prescense for them. The process is the same. Tell us your story and we will place you on the map of the internet world.

Q. If everything is free, how do you get paid? Where do you get your revenue from?
A. Thanks for asking this question. This means that you are also concern about our well-being. As a service provider, our revenue is primarily from advertisements. We take this opportunity to place Banner Ads, Text Ads, Link Ads of our customers for a fee. Please go to our Affiliates page to learn more. However the posting of an article may not be always free. If a customer wants strategic positioning of their articles, they will have to pay for them. In the meantime everything is free, so take advantage of it.

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