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To Our Success (Part 1)

Lesson 1: Never Give Up

The hardest thing about success is that in order to achieve it (and keep it) you need to consistently plug away long after you would normally give up. If you can keep going...sometimes that little extra effort makes the difference between success and failure.

Most of us can drive a car (or at least ride a bicycle) ...and the only way we learnt to co-ordinate everything was to practice...even if we stalled...or couldn't commit ourselves at a junction. Never give up...the only way you can move forward is by trying a different way until you 'get it'.

Action Point:

How will you try a different way to do something today?

At some point will no doubt want to give up on something. Force yourself to carry on when you would normally stop...and try to approach the 'problem' from a different angle.

Lesson 2: Never Think Of 'What-if'

You have a decision to make. Do you ask yourself "What if...?" before you make it? (and probably after you make it) Most people do. You have no way of knowing what the consequences of your actions will be until (or if) they happen. Just concentrate on living your life...and stop worry about the consequences of what you do.

Every decision that you make is right for you based on what you know up until that point ... remember that where decisions are concerned - none of them are 'wrong'.

Action Point:

How are the decisions you make affected by how you worry about the consequences?

When you have to make a decision today...concentrate solely on the consequences for you. Every decision you make is the right one for you at the time - so take charge of your life today...and start making decisions for YOU.

Lesson 3: Look At Changing Your Habits

You are where you are today because of what you consistently do. Most people don't really class the little things' as habits such as getting into work a little late every day, or leaving clothes on the floor to be picked up by somebody else.

Work at improving the little habits' that pull you back or use up you energy and it will free up more time for you to do something that will move you forward.

Action Point:

What are you consistently doing today that is holding you back from the success you deserve?

Work on finishing' everything you do today don't leave anything for somebody to finish or pick-up for you. Make a list of what you are doing regularly that you KNOW you shouldn't and begin today to change these habits into good ones.

Lesson 4: Believe In Yourself

No matter how supportive your family or your colleagues are the only way you can become the person you really want to be is to believe that you are worthy enough for the role. If you can't believe that you can have all that you really want how do you expect your subconscious to help you achieve it?

Successful people have an unwavering belief in their own ability. They know that, whatever happens, their own self-belief is the platform upon which their success is built.

Action Point:

What is holding you back from believing that you can be one of them?

Get a post-it note and write on it the words 'I AM GOOD ENOUGH'. Put it in your wallet or handbag where you can see when you get your money out. Nobody else needs to see it only you. This will help reinforce the idea in your subconscious mind, as eventually you won't even realise that you have read it. Stop what you are doing?and do it NOW.

Gary Vurnum

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To Our Success (Part 2)

Lesson 6: Dream Big Dreams

It has been proven that we gravitate towards the targets that we set ourselves. Just ask salesman - studies have shown that if they are set a target they usually get there or close to it - but very rarely exceed it.

If you set your financial targets 100% higher than you think you really need - then you will have a better target for your subconscious to aim for.

Action Point:

What is limiting your belief that you cannot earn as much money as you want?

Set yourself a target of a pay-rise that is double what you would normally aim for. Look at people who are earning as much as you want and look at what they do (and how they act) differently from you.

Spend just 5 minutes every day applying this knowledge...and you will be surprised at how this,in conjunction with your higher target, will move you forward.

Lesson 7: Be Honest In Everything You Do

Integrity, or lack of it, was a watchword of the Greed is Good' mentality of the 80s and 90s. In the new Millennium and especially after September 11th, people now place a much higher value on trust and honesty in their business, and personal, dealings.

Bear this in mind when you are in a position to take advantage of a situation ? think of how your actions will affect your future image and reputation if you were found out.

Action Point:

How are you benefiting from a situation by compromising someone else?

Look at your relationships, both business and personal. If you are not entirely honest in your dealings with someone then this may be a good time to re-assess the benefit you get from your position.

None of us are perfect but unless you base your life around honesty, you will ultimately be worse off. You may not believe it now but the good guys always win in the end!

Lesson 8: Listen More Than You Talk

We have two ears and one mouth. Unfortunately we use them in the wrong proportion. The easiest way to get people to like you is to listen to them. By listening I don't mean just nodding your head and pretending to listen I mean really taking in what they are saying?and responding accordingly.

This active listening' can set you apart from your competitors and peers. People are attracted to others who show an interest in them but the trouble is most people are too interested in themselves.

Action Point:

Are you too busy thinking about what YOU are going to say? Instead of listening to the other person?

After the next conversation you have, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you try to speak whilst the other person is speaking? Does your mind wander as they speak? Do you maintain eye contact at all times with them?

Look at the ways you can improve on each of these? And remember ? Practice makes perfect!

Lesson 9: Help Other People First

Zig Ziglar got it right when he said you can have anything in the world you want if you'll just help enough other people get what they want. By giving first you set up a chain of events, which, although not always obvious, will move you closer to your goal.

Always help without expectation of getting something back and you will undoubtedly get some help in return.

Action Point:

How can you focus more on the other person instead of yourself?

Take some time today helping someone without a direct benefit to yourself. Do this every day for a month. This will benefit you in two ways.

Firstly you will generate a good feeling between yourself and the people you help, and secondly you will begin to receive the benefits of your action in return. Try it and find out for yourself!

Gary Vurnum

To Our Success (Part 3)

Lesson 10: Visualize What Success Means To You

Our minds cannot distinguish between what is a real thought based on our experiences, and an imaginary one. It has been proved that the chemical reaction that takes place inside our brains is the same in either case.

By regularly visualizing what success means to you in as much detail as possible you will strengthen your attachment' to your goals. The stronger the attachment the easier it is for your subconscious to go to work on your behalf to help make your success happen.

Action Point:

How would you know when you have achieved success and how can you visualize it?

Spend the last five minutes before you go to sleep visualizing what your ideal future IS like.

How much money DO you have?
What car DO you drive?
What DOES your house look like?
What are you DOING every day?

These five minutes every day work out at over 30 hours a year living your successful future. Don't waste the opportunity.

Lesson 11: Get Into The Mind Of Successful People

We are especially fortunate in the Internet Age that we have access to so much free information written by very successful people. Only five years ago, you wouldn't have been able to read every single article ever written by a multi-millionaire in a particular field. Now you can.

If your interest is Internet Marketing, Ebook writing, novel writing, personal development, investment, car servicing, cross-stitching in fact almost anything you can have access to the writing of successful people. What you do with this knowledge is, of course, a different matter.

Action Point:

How can you apply what you learn from a successful person to improve your life?

Find a way today to get some free information either about, or written by, a successful person in a field that interests you. Make notes on what you have found and look at ways to apply what they know to your life.

Lesson 12: Make Allowances For Other People

No matter how hard you try you will never be able to second-guess what another person is thinking or feeling. As nobody has had the same experiences as you, you can't possibly understand how they arrive at their opinions. For this very reason, you must accept people for what, and who, they are and don't try to change them.

How would you like it if you were ridiculed because you couldn't do something as well as somebody else? Make sure that you give people a little leeway sometimes it can make a big difference

Action Point:

How will you go about changing your opinion of someone today?

Try to step into the other person's shoes as you talk to them. They have a reason for the way they are acting or for what they are saying. Your aim is try to understand why and then try to adjust your usual response to a way that they can understand more easily.

Gary Vurnum