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To Our Success (Part 4)

Lesson 13: Believe That You Can Change Your Fate

Many people don't bother making something of their life because they believe that they are destined to fail. Funnily enough this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy exactly as they had predicted'.

If you look at some of the most famous self-made multi-millionaires, both now and in the past, you will see that many of them were bankrupt (or almost bankrupt) at least once before they finally became rich and successful.

They had a belief that they would be successful, despite the setbacks that they would face.

Action Point:

How do you know that you can't be successful?

Today, you must make the decision that YOU and only you are responsible for what happens to you. Whatever situation you are in you can get out of it.

Start today by reviewing everything that you have read on this E-course so far. You have the power to change your life but only if you accept that you are responsible for it.

Lesson 14: Never Ignore The Obvious

The obvious is a very strange concept to some people. The easy option always seems to be the one that is provided to trip them up. Sometimes (though not necessarily all of the time), the obvious answer or decision is usually the best one.


Because whether you succeed by using it or not, you will have benefited from the experience it will have given you experience that can be invaluable when a better choice emerges.

If you ignore the obvious and choose to do nothing instead then there is only one way you can go?and that is backwards.

Action Point:

How will you act on the obvious today?

You can only learn from your mistakes you cannot learn from your successes! Take the obvious option if it is given to you who knows if it is the right one?

In the big scheme of things it won't matter whether it is or not. The only thing that will matter is whether you acted or not.

Lesson 15: Rely On Your Instinct

My wife, Lesley, has a mother's intuition where my son is concerned. Within 30 seconds of her telling me that something was wrong with him (which I didn't believe), he stopped breathing.

How do you explain that?

It's happened enough times to us over the last few years that I should have learned my lesson by now.

The next time you (or someone close to you) has a gut feeling' that something may not be right listen to it. Whyit happens I can't explain all I know for certain is that it does. So don't ignore it.

Action Point:

How can you tap into your instinct more in future?

Whatever the signs your ?gut feeling' are giving you don't ignore them. They may not turn out right in the end but at least you had the benefit of another option.

The next time you have a decision to make, make sure that you listen to your instinct you will never know if it is right or not if you choose to ignore it.

Gary Vurnum

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