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Tons Of Matters.com is a free article content website that allows free content to be posted as well as downloaded. However any use of content outside of this site must strictly adhered to the following guidelines.

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Tons Of Matters.com is a free content article directory. If you are an author that charges for a fee for publication of your content, please do not submit your articles to us. Please take note that when authors have decided to place their articles inthis site, they relinquish the use of their content in our site.

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If you are a publisher who is interested in publishing other authors content to Tons Of Matters.com, please notify the author of your intentions. Failing to do so may violate the author's rights. Any publication must be unedited and must include the author's biodata with copyright information included.

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If you are interested in using the articles by authors who have submitted their articles in Tons Of Matters.com to your website, it is recommended that you seek consent from the author first. Any article posted in your website must be posted with the author's biodata with copyright information included.

If you wish to download and use some of the articles as placed in this site, it is recommended that you seek consent from the author first. Any article or articles downloaded must include the author's biodata with copyright information included.

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Tons Of Matters.com prohibits the use of copyrighted materials in a manner that violates the copyright owner's rights. This means that any use of article content in this site must be according to the guidelines provided.

Anyone found violating copyright laws will be dealt with accordingly and my be subjected to possible law suits.

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Tons Of Matters.com will submit articles approximately 3 days after submission. The entity, Tons Of Matters.com will vet through the whole article before deciding if the article should be posted. The publisher will be notified if the article or articles are selected for publication or not.

It is strongly recommended that the publisher do not submit articles that are not their own unless the author has given permission to do so.

Tons Of Matters.com reserves the right to remove any article or articles for any reason with or without notice or explanantion. Tons Of Matters also reserves the right to ban or suspend any author or authros, publisher or publishers with or without any reason, notice or explanation if it so deem fit.

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