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5 Tips When Choosing Multiple Domain Hosting

If you have or are planning to have several domains running on the web, then you should consider getting a multiple domain hosting. Multiple domain hosting allows you to host several domains under a single hosting plan. Most web hosting companies call it shared hosting.

The main advantage of multiple domain hosting is it helps to consolidate all your domains under one hosting plan. It makes domain management a breeze. It also makes it easier to modify any settings since you are doing it from the same control panel.

Here are a few tips you might want to bear in mind when looking a shared hosting service.

Hard Disk Space

Nowadays most shared web hosting plans provide more than enough disk space to satisfy your needs. It is important you know before hand how much disk space your web site will be using not just currently but projected 6 months, 1 year and 2 years down the road.

Some web applications requires more disk space than others. One example are file hosting sites. Also remember to check the cost of upgrading your disk space in case you need one. Most web hosting providers charge on a per GB basis.


Most web hosting providers cap a limit on each hosting planís bandwidth. Check to make sure it provides sufficient bandwidth for your current websites and also room for growth. Most web hosting providers will charge you on a per GB basis for exceeded bandwidth.

The speed is also important for websites. No one wants to visit a website that loads slowly. File hosting and video sites for example requires an acceptable speed in order to deliver file download or streaming video.

Number of Domains Allowed

Some web hosting limit the number of domains for each hosting plan. It is best to get one with unlimited domains so you have to worry about the limit.

Emails/FTP accounts

You probably will need separate email accounts for each domain you have. Most web hosting services provide webbased or as well outlook based email accounts. Preferably try to get one that has unlimited email/ftp accounts.

Ease of control panel

With many domains, emails, ftp accounts etc to manage, it is important that the control panel is easy to use and all information can be accessed easily. Most web hosting services provide cpanel. Some web hosting services do use their own customised control panel. A good example is godaddy.

Whichever control panel you are using, familiarize yourself with the interface and get used to it as fast as possible.

Ricky Lim
26 Jan 2007

Ricky Lim runs a cheap web hosting reviews site. Visit his site for more information on free web hosting services and cheap web hosting services

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Most of the organizations have global visions these days and these aspirations have their ramifications. One of which is creation and management of huge amounts of data. This activity is a time consuming process and requires a huge team of professionals to do so. Content management system, CMS is a system that allows you to organize your data and lets your organization to share, use, retrieve or search the data.

Content management system, CMS is a software that helps in organizing and facilitating creation of documents and content. This is also referred as a web application that is used to manage web content as well as websites. Generally, the system requires client software for creating and editing the article.

Content management system consists of two parts - the content management application (CMA) and content delivery application (CDA) the function of CMA is to allow the content writer or the manager without the knowledge of HTML to manage, create, remove or modify the content from a website without involving the webmaster. This information is used by the CDA to update the website. Most of the CMS systems have Web based publishing, revision control, format management along with search, indexing and retrieval of content.

The web based publishing allows the user to use templates, wizards and other tools while the format management feature allows formatting of different documents like the scanned documents and legacy electronic documents in PDF or HTML documents. The revision control helps in updating the content to a new or an old version along with tracking changes made by others in the files. CMS system also helps in indexing, retrieval and search of content. The user can search the data available with the help of keywords, the CMS system helps in retrieving the data.

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Miss Ruchira Sharma
28 Jan 2007

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Untangle The World Wide Web with RSS

RSS is one of the coolest things you've never heard of when it comes to the internet.

Short for "Really Simple Syndication", a name that seems designed to induce maximum eye glazing, RSS is in fact one of the best time-savers online and it is getting easier to use.

RSS is a way for web surfers to keep up with the latest news or catch hot deals on travel packages, concert tickets and nearly anything else people use the internet to buy. Instead of typing in 20 different website addresses everytime you want to see what's new on, or your cousin's blog, just get "RSS feeds".

Everytime apage updates, you get an alert. RSS comes in handy in a variety of everyday situations. Example if you are looking for tickets for the New Jersey Boys and it is completely sold out. Every once in a while Craiglist shows up something and instead of constantly checking Craiglist, you set up a RSS feed searching for tickets of New Jersey Boys. If something comes up and if someone post an ad for tickets, the feed will alert you.

However only 2% of online consumer bother according to Forrester, and more than half of that group is 40 years old or younger. For starters, the name is deadly  for attracting "average" internet users - people who use the web and handle email, but quail at inscrutabilities like "service-oriented architecture" and "robust enterprise solutions".

Then there are the orange buttons you find on web pages. Clciking one produces a jumble of computer codes. It is hardly the path to popularity. What they need to do is copy the web address in their browser, and insert it into their RSS reader. The lack of clear instructions on many websites dooms the service to obscurity.

Some top US news websites are changing that, including The New York Times site. The site's managers plan to offer readers feeds dedicated to topics, reporters and columnists sometime in the first half of this year, but in an easier way.

Getting RSS on your computer:
The two easiest ways are using newer version of the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, which contain RSS readers.

Yahoo and Google also offer easy-to-use RSS options. Specialised RSS readers like Bloglines and Newsgator are slightly more sophisticated and take a little more experimentation but are tough to put down once you get the hang of them.

Digital Life
The Straits Times
06 Feb 2007

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