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Successful SEO For Your Website

Many of you over here are for sure trying to get your hands on tips for successful SEO for your website, in layman terms getting top rankings on Search Engines.

The most important target for Search Engine Optimizers and webmasters has been Google.

This legendary search engine since its inception has grown to a mammoth size from a small company to a Multi National Giant with facilities world wide now.

Itís by far the most used search engine available today.

Though official statistics show that Yahoo and MSN do hold a big share of the search market, but thatís still has a long way to compete with Google.

Google has been always trying to get relevant content to itís users, so the most important tips to get your site visible in Google is content and that too I repeat relevant content.

You often may come across pages over the Internet, with long promotional information and nothing but text, text and text filled in the websites who are trying to sell you a package for $49 only.

Long time ago, I use to bypass this information, and scroll straight to the bottom, wondering why this guy has put so up much text, does he think any sane person will be reading all this?

Many of you would have the obvious answer that they are trying to lure the search engines to put you on top, but for those who donít, itís correct, they are trying to fill in the text not always for you, but for the search engines to read it as well.

So, shall we do the same, well it depends on you choice.

You have to ask these questions to yourself.

What is your primary goal?

a) Get top listings on top of search engines, no matter what your visitors feel about your website?
b) Put search engine rankings as secondary and create a site fully loaded with graphics and content to get your visitors remain hooked.
c) To get the best of both worlds.

Many of you would think, that the guy is talking completely off beat, how can you get the best of both the worlds.

The answer is by adding more pages, serving as much information to your visitors and content hungry search engines as possible.

In this way you would be serving the online community by giving them as much relevant information as possible by getting blogs, articles, links, news, directory, related to your business field on your website.

You may create small and tiny links and sub-domains for these additional services at the bottom of your website pages and mention them in your Sitemap, for sure you would be submitting the sitemap in Google, and insure that it lies on a fairly visible corner of your homepage.

Next thing, would be to invite as many as visitors as possible to visit your homepage, as well as free pages to advertise their business, or share their views on your blogs, articles, and forums which you have created with much efforts.

This would definitely give your company an advertising leverage and a reputation for potential buyers who would consider you as a stable and large business.

Now, since your services are free, you would get more of these automatic links and offline referrals, which would again serve you well as advertisement for your business as well as inbound links coming to your website from various sources, without you actually doing any work on it.

Hey, did I mention that Link Building and relevant links pointing to your websites is one of the most important factor for getting top listings on Google and a superior page rank for your website?

So, keep working on it, and if you think that you like the idea and want to see a site with a working model, do visit

I bet you would think twice before switching over to any other website for information on website design and promotion.

Wish you best of luck.

Sean McGill
08 Feb 2007

Sean McGill is Business Head for, and is into web-design, development and Search Engine optimization.

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6 Tips of a Good Web Host

Previously in my other host, I realized due to overwhelm of people visiting my website it slowed down recently as I was using quite a cheap web host which then later I decided to migrate over to HostGator.

There are various things you must know before you decide which web host you should go for.

1. Support is the No.1 Key

Why support is because I had my website down quite a lot of times, but because there was no way to contact my host either then submitting a ticket I could not get to them when I have some urgent launch sometimes on my websites.

So it VERY important to get a good host with great support and HostGator actually not only have a LIVE Support 24/7 but also a free Skype line where I can call them through Skype for free for support which is SUPER GREAT!

2. Price

My previous host cost me about US$39 per year, which is fairly cheap but what I did not like with that host was there was no online support but other then that the services were great. Because I am now more seriously in my online business I would need online support.

HostGator had what I wanted with support and they only charge about US$9.95 per month which is super affordable with the great features they had in the plan!

3. Features

There is one thing about web host not many would know is that, if you sign up with a plan that only allow you to host 6 domains you are been cheated by what you actually should have. It is because in their WHM panel they can simply change the 6 to unlimited but they choose not too and some even worst they only restrict you to 100 emails.

What you want to look for are unlimited features in all areas. There are some things you need to look for

- Unlimited Emails
- Unlimited Add-On Domains (adding more domains on the same account)
- Unlimited Database
- Fantastico (A set of great script a MUST HAVE)
- Support PHP files
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (If they donít have this means they are not confident in their services)
- No Contract
- 24 x 7 Support
- Diskspace of at least 10 GB
- Bandwidth of at least 100GB

I am currently using the Baby Plan by HostGator which have even better features that I mentioned above for only US$9.95 per month you have 100GB of space and 1,000GB of BANDWIDTH which is A LOT!

4. Location of server

Some people are not aware that the location of the server really matters a lot! I think especially after the Taiwan Earthquake a lot of server were down due to lousy rerouting of servers on the Internet Network.

You can go to do a trace route of the server and see the number of hops to reach your computer.

You should see something like thisÖ

Hop T1 T2 T3 Best Graph IP Hostname Dist TTL Ctry Time
1 11 0 0 0.6 ms AS14361
Unix: 22:35:15.109
2 1 0 0 0.6 ms [+0ms] AS0
IANA-RSVD-0  0 miles [+0]
254 US
Unknown: 8005f4ef
3 1 2 2 1.9 ms [+1ms] AS0
IANA-RSVD-0  0 miles [+0]
253 US
Unix: 22:35:22.325
4 10 12 13 10 ms [+8ms] AS2914
NTTA-2914  0 miles [+0]
251 US
Unix: 23:36:33. 49
5 22 14 15 14 ms [+4ms] AS6461
MFNX  0 miles [+0]
250 US
Unix: 23:36:33.106

What the table shows above is the number of computer terminal it takes to actually route to your computer to get to my website

The lesser there the better the web host is, there are some lousy hosting takes up to 24 hops just to reach your computer! Where as HostGator is sometimes 7 hops only! or 14 hops! Which shows the server can connect to the user faster!

5. Disk Space

Having a web host is like having your personal C Drive but it is on a virtual drive on your web server. Example if I sign up a host that give me 100GB like HostGator. What that means is that I can store 100GB of information to be shared online with my visitors. The more the Disk Space you have the better as you can store more stuff online.

6. Bandwidth

Alright this topic some people actually got confused this with Disk Space. Bandwidth is basically the number of information you can download from your server which is normally calculated by kb.

This is a break down of what is KB, MB and GB.

1,000 KB = 1MB
1,000 MB = 1GB

So when I say 100GB it mean 1,000,000 KB which is a lot. Why? One word document for example is about 50kb. If lets say you have a word document you want to share online name as GatherSuccess.doc which is about 50KB

I put a link for GatherSuccess.doc on my server at 50KB and I have 100GB of bandwidth it means that

1,000,000 / 50 = 20,000 visitors can download my document file for the month.

Bandwidth will be reset every end of the month by the web host, if you overshot the bandwidth most of the time they will just charge you what ever excess you use.

If you are looking for a web host I strongly recommend HostGator as itís very reliable and they response to you in an instant.

Just click the following link here to see what HostGator provides.

Alvin Phang
15 Feb 2007